February pick “It’s Ridiculous to Use Virtual Reality to Empathize With Refugees”

It’s Ridiculous to Use Virtual Reality to Empathize With Refugees

In ME, the magazine, we identify and promote the positive applied uses for society of Virtual Reality and Social Robots. Our monthly pick is an article that argues against the effectiveness of VR to create empathy. While from the editorial we don’t particularly agree with this view we believe that it is a very constructive and important exercise to listen to different opinions and positions. Thus, our monthly pick is dedicated to this article because it presents an alternative view to the news we generally publish. We encourage you to read it!

Visitors at MSF’s “Forced From Home” exhibit in Denmark There is considerable enthusiasm for technologies that allow people to simulate an engagement with a physical world. It’s said that Virtual Reality will transform education, therapy, marketing, fitness, video games, and, of course, porn. And some believe it’ll make us […]


  1. That is an excellent example of what all media should do! It is sooo annoying that TV channels and newspapers always present news from their perspective only, congratulations for empowering your readers with this decision!

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