April pick: “How Virtual Reality Will Change the Face of Healthcare”

How Virtual Reality Will Change the Face of Healthcare.

Our April pick finely reviews research and potential applied uses of virtual reality in healthcare. A bit taste of it below that will make you click for more…

[…]Augmented reality is a mix of the real and virtual worlds, like Project X-Ray. With virtual reality, the entirety of the experience is digital. In healthcare, the two areas these technologies will be most utilized are training and rehabilitation[…]

The Royal London Hospital will place its mark on history with a groundbreaking event coming April 14. This will be the first ever live broadcast operation in the world available on smart phone and VR headset.[…]

Fully immersive 3D operating room simulations could be used to train young doctors in real life situations, helping them to gain experience, become more confident, and be able to make the snap decisions necessary in order to save lives.[…]


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