Emerging technologies are evolving so that they create a nearly symbiotic experience with us, as users. On this merge, our minds and bodies suffer drastic transformations.

Mediated embodiment, which gives the name to this magazine, is the flagship of this tendency. Mediated embodiment is the technologically induced experience of adopting an artificial body. We can experience it when we adopt an avatar in virtual reality or a humanoid robot body, and we feel as if it was our own.

ME, the magazine selects the most fascinating and shocking news and advancements in Science and Technology related to mediated embodiment. In addition, the in-depth section brings you insights and reflections from the editors. We also welcome external contributions for our news and in-depth section.

Comments and Contributions

Users’ comments: We are very concerned about the quality and tone of users’ comments found in most websites. We encourage our readers to actively help us transform this generalized tendency. ME, the magazine has a very strict policy regarding user comments.  We consider that our users’ comments are valid for acceptance only if  they contribute to the quality of the website by offering reasoned opinions or contrasted information to generate informed debates around the specific topic of the news and articles. Our magazine only accepts comments that are written in a formal and respectful manner and bring added value to other readers (ex. you can provide new information in connection to our news, draw attention upon related topics, propose relevant topics to the editors…).

Contributions: We welcome contributions from technology experts, researchers who want to explain their work, or any other person that wishes to write about the topics covered by the magazine. The editor-in-chief will decide whether the article is suitable for publication after careful ethical and quality examination.

If you want to send us an article for publication, suggest topics, or contact us for any other reason you can do it here.


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